RIP, VW Beetle: Volkswagen won’t make a new one

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Farewell, sweet Beetle. Goodbye.
Image: Volkswagen

Picture me, age 23. I’m looking around for my very first Adult vehicle. While on the Volkswagen lot, surveying practical Jettas and Passats, a round, luring shape captures my eye: the Beetle.

Should I? Do I attempt? I’m lured. It’s so freaking adorable! And enjoyable! I run my hand along its rotund bumper, photo it in sweet apple red, child blue … yellow! Highway 1, here I come!

No. No, no, no. This cars and truck is far too pointless. I am a Young Professional now! I require something sleeker, more New Me, not old (young) me. Look, that black Jetta is simply.

I think of internal monologues like mine — where chauffeurs choose they ‘d look simply a little too ridiculous driving a Bug — are at least partly accountable for Volkswagen’s current choice: to eliminate, at last, the Beetle. The precious VW Bug.

The VW Beetle is being put out to pasture once again.

Image: Tim Graham/Getty Images

On Friday, Motor Authority broke the car manufacturer’s news that VW will not produce and offer The Bug any longer. After this generation of Beetle runs its course, VW will close down production, without any re-vamped designs in the pipeline.

It was reported Volkswagen was dealing with an electrical Beetle. VW chairman Herbert Diess quashed that report like a pest under his boot. Rather, the car manufacturer’s “psychological” automobile will be a re-tooled Microbus . Think you have all those #VanLife ‘grammers to thank for that.

There’s no concrete timeline for when VW will offer its last Beetle, however Motor Authority approximates VW car dealerships will likely offer the cars and truck for a couple of more years because the brand-new Microbus isn’t really slated to come out till 2021 approximately.

So goodbye to that teenage dream, that personification of sass-en-auto, the prettiest lil’ vehicle that ever did drive. RIP, VW Bug.

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