Nutritional Therapist Guarantees This Three-Day Diet Will Help Cure Depression

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As the age-old saying leads, “you are what you eat”. But there may be more true to that than you realise. According to nutritional therapist, Christine Bailey, there are direct links between your diet, brain function, and depression. Watching what the hell are you munch isn’t exclusively about thwarting a larger waistline, but it is also able to prevent sadnes, too.

If you’ve ever experienced finds of sadnes, you know it can be a struggle only to get out of berthed in the morning. To stir topics worse, contemplates show that depressed people often fix good food alternatives that can actually obligate them find worse. Bailey is the author of The Brain Boost Diet, a brand-new book that explains how our diet and lifestyle can affect our feeling. She outlines how to change your diet to get you feeling your best in no time, and without any of the bad side effects that prescription drugs can cause.

Depression is a complicated disease and should be taken seriously. Possible underlying factors include hormone inequalities, insulin fighting, oxidative stress, and inflaming. Bailey is therefore of the opinion that by tackling these problems through diet, your brain health and humor can be improved. Before you try out Christine Bailey’s three-day “happiness” nutrition, try using these rapid and easy tips to boost your feeling that you can apply to any dinner:

Eat fat to lose fat.

Give magnesium a try.

Say no to processed foods.

Complement with vitamin D in the winter.

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