These 15 First Meetings Between Dogs And Their New Families Are Way Too Adorable

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If you have a dog, one of your fondest recalls is perhaps the moment you two are have to go to bring your sidekick home.

There’s nothing relatively like those tremendous finds of prosperity, excitement, and even nervousness when you greet a pup or puppy into your family. You don’t truly know what to expect in those first few weeks shared with your new friend, but you do know that “lifes” brighter because of them. As for the pup themselves, their fronts truly say it all for them — like the 15 pups who just got adopted below!

1. “Finally, their own families to call my own.”

2. “Officer Montgomery paying his new possible family member some lovin’.”

3. “A few weeks ago my uncle’s dog lived after 14 years with him and he’s been so depressed about it. My aunt surprised him by making him to pick up their brand-new puppy where reference is thought they were just going browse. This is the first picture taken of them together when they got back in the car.”

Facebook/ Megan Jordan

Reddit/ wickedsmaht

Reddit/ wiioz

Facebook/ Lort Smith

Imgur/ GonzoGaddy

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