6 Incredible Couples Costumes That Werent Enough To Salvage Things

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These parties did Halloween right, but eventually, it just wasn’t good enough.

1. Zombie Bride and Groom

Dave and Lauren wowed their friends with their super realistic zombie bride and groom attires. Unfortunately, their getups didn’t help with Dave’s commitment issues, as he acknowledged being “kind of freaked out” by meeting Lauren in a wedding dress.

2. Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

As Lindsey and Ed found out, projecting a great Halloween costume together does not compensate for a complete lack of physical chemistry.

3. American Gothic

This costume started out with exalted desires of being a entirely kick-ass couple’s clothing, but the motors came off when Kristen told Seth that she wanted to see other parties while they were picking out a pitchfork at Home Depot. The dres aimed up curdling out well. Kristen and Seth did not.

4. Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo from I Desire Lucy

What an adorable I Adore Lucy dres! This is the last picture ever taken of Todd and Andrea together.

5. Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World

Things were not so “party time” or “excellent” during the six-hour rumbling competition Jacob and Rita loosed at Halloween Bonanza while patronizing for these Wayne’s World costumes.

6. Carl and Ellie from Up

Like Ellie from Up , Karen and Greg’s relationship vanished long before its time.

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