Shoppers fume over old 1 coins in change

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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption People will be able to spend only the new 12 -sided coin( right) from next Monday

Shoppers have uttered their bothering at receiving old-time PS1 coins in change, a week before enterprises can refuse to accept them.

From 16 October, the round PS1 coin will no longer be legal tender as it is fully replaced by the 12 -sided version.

Robert Dalgleish, who received three age-old silvers from Lidl, said: “Why aren’t business shops stopping this? “

But Tesco says it will continue to accept the round pound for an additional week to help customers.

Eirlys Groves told me that she inspected a field of Tesco where machines rendered age-old out coins as change, and then she was told by shop faculty she could not swap them for brand-new ones.

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