Shoppers Loved Seeing This Kitty. When He Died, They Honored Him In The Sweetest Way

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Shopping has always been a treat for those who buy their groceries at Morrisons supermarket in Flintshire, Wales.

That’s because until recently, they got to see the store’s cute, furry mascot whenever they came in. Before he passed away earlier this year, Brutus the tabby cat would accompany from his home to Morrisons every day and hang out in the supermarket, where his warm vicinity was more than welcome.

He was admired by everyone he fulfilled there, which is why his death was so difficult for customers and employees alike.

He must have loved them as much, though — he spent a huge portion of his life there greeting all persons who passed by…

…and experiencing babies and scratches from anyone who’d give them.

said Christine Joy, the store’s manager.

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