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Why is Will Byers spewing alien eggs into the sink? What happened to Eleven? Is Hop working for the shadow government? Will we ever get right for Barb ?! These are probably just some of the questions that ought to have ricochetting all over the Christmas-light-festooned walls of your sentiment since you finished binge-watching Season 1 of Stranger Things last summer.

Luckily, you don’t have to gues into the Upside-Down to find out the answers. Season 2 of Stranger Things debuts on October 27 th, and all 9 bouts will be immediately available to watch for Netflix subscribers. But to those who are mooching Netflix access off a parent or sidekick, do “youve been” want to threat getting that “incorrect password” inaccuracy when S2 sags? Isn’t it meter time to reach that perennial milestone of adulthood: your own Netflix account?

It’s a pretty big step, so before you stir that kind of financial commitment, here’s a chance to let fate rule for you. Enroll the 5 Times of Netflix Giveaway for your chance to prevail( you suspected it) five entire years of Netflix access for utterly zero dollars. That’s a $720 ethic. Imagine it–your peers are clambering to picture Stranger Things , Narcos , House of Cards , and the rest of the must-see Netflix lineup; they’re begging their friends and family for their Netflix login info; they’re even( dun dun dunnn) illegally downloading chapters . Meanwhile, you’re sitting pretty with all that content on your own private Netflix account for FIVE entire years. That means that if there’s a Stranger Things Season 6, you’ll be watching it guilt-free, fo’ free.

This dream could be a reality, but you can’t win unless you play the game. Enter now and don’t procrastinate–this giveaway won’t last long.

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