Microsoft confirms plans for a new flagship store in Regent Street opposite Apple

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Shopping may be turning into an increasingly virtual use, with people buying goods online and through apps, but there is no denying the dominance of a physical in-store ordeal — a lesson that Microsoft is taking to heart. Today the company announced it will be opening a brand-new flagship collect in London in Regent Street near Oxford Circus — really a stone’s( or an iPhone’s) jettison from the Apple flagship store that pictured a huge rewrite a year ago.

The area around Oxford Circus, which is at the intersection of Oxford Street and Regent Street, is one of “the worlds largest” high-profile shop districts in the world, so having a spirit there stresses Microsoft’s strategy to double-faced down on retail.

“We couldn’t be happier to be opening a flagship accumulation in the heart of center London at Oxford Circus, where two of the world’s most iconic store streets fill, ” said Cindy Rose, heads of state of Microsoft in the U.K. “We know our customers and devotees, whether they are from London, the broader U.K. or only call, will love our fearles plans for the opening. This will be so much more than merely a great residence to suffer all that is possible with Microsoft, but a real centre for the community where we’ll be wreaking to life our spirit for helping people examine their ability through an daring curriculum of workshops and training along with moments that work to unite the community.”

The announcement comes after a daylight of gues about the brand-new storage, but too after what has seemed like years of stops and starts for Microsoft and its retail programmes in London.

Back in 2012, it was reported that Microsoft planned to open a retail store in the city in March 2013, after it become apparent that the company had registered a separate firm in the U.K. to administer a retail business. But it seems that the March 2013 launching never happened.

Then in 2015, yet more reports rose, this time noting further that the company might have abandoned its plans for a store after all, after the dissolution of that 2012 entity.

But the legend didn’t dissolve there. Later in 2015, yet more rumors rose of a retail plan for Microsoft in London. But over again , nothing materialized.

Now, it may be third term lucky for the Xbox and Windows maker. Notably, today’s advertisement seems to be the first time that the company has officially established any hopes directly.

The the starts and stops that it seems Microsoft has been through over a flagship action in London are not too surprising. At the time of its early those who are interested in opening a flagship, the company’s mobile exertions, which had been seen as a major part of its shopper business, is currently being floundering.

And while Apple has been nailing retail for years, the specimen set by others that have tried to mimic the success are less than supporting. Samsung receded from its own physical accumulation efforts in London, although these had been located in a mall , not in the Regent Street area.

Microsoft may have also been shaken up by the fortunes of Nokia, the striving handset business that Microsoft once acquired before dispossessing some years later, at a loss. Back when Nokia was still a beings, it also tried to take on Regent Street. But it closed its efforts down after less than two unprofitable years.

There is no timescale noted in Microsoft’s announcement. What is more obvious is that this is as much about creating a showcase for Microsoft commodities — in a figurative location right near Apple’s store — as it is about creating a opening where people can buy those Microsoft products.

“The United Kingdom is home to some of our most heartfelt fans, ” David Porter, heads of state of Microsoft Stores, writes in his blog pole announcing the news. “We already enjoys connecting through our partners and in our digital accumulates, and look forward to accompanying a physical accumulation to the region as another immense selection for customers to experience best available technology from Microsoft.”

There are currently 75 Microsoft Stores globally, with two flagships, in New York( painted above, too very close to Apple’s “cube” store) and Sydney.

While it’s not clear how much Microsoft meets from its retail stores today, the gold rule shows that it can clearly has become a advantageous business: Apple today is the world’s most lucrative retailer, is in accordance with research from CoStar, which said that the Mac and iPhone company shaped $5,546 per square foot in the past year. As a point of comparison, the average revenues generated by a square hoof of retail room are a merely $325.

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