I love NFL football, but I’m boycotting this year. 22 things I’ll be doing instead.

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I love NFL football. But we’re officially on a terminate.

For years, I’ve watched beloved college players jet off to the NFL, and I sustained following their vocations, cheering on their achievers on squads across the country. Back when I reconciled down in Kansas City for five years, I became a Chiefs fan, expending countless a Sunday with chili on the stave and a brew in my hands, watching my crew fail to many the other members of the AFC West.

But as much as I cherish video games, the history, the institution, and, candidly, the procedure, I can’t get it on anymore.

The NFL’s dangerous history of welcoming musicians fronting the allegations of carnal abuse or domestic abuse; the effects of head makes and chronic painful encephalopathy( CTE ); the league’s short-sighted stance on therapeutic cannabis use; and now the blackballing of Colin Kaepernick after his silent rallies during “The Star-Spangled Banner” to protest racial difference. Any of these reasons is enough to walk away, but for me, when examined together, it’s hard to ignore.

Activists carry NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick outside the offices of the National Football League. Photo by Drew Angerer/ Getty Images.

Like more than 176,000 others, I will be boycotting the 2017 NFL season.

Do I reflect my boycott will change the tournament, get Kaepernick a task, or improve the mental and physical health of the players? Nope. But the way I endow my period registers a statement about my their own priorities and importances. This season including with regard to, my priorities and the NFL’s priorities are not in alignment. Not even close.

That are not able to be the case for you, and that’s -AOK. If it brings you exhilaration, watch football. I’m not here to judge or shame.( Extremely if you’re a Chiefs fan .)

But If you’re be prepared to make a clean smash — or perhaps just looking to take a few sports off — here’s a week-by-week breakdown with suggests on things to watch, do, munch, read, or learn with all of your newfound free time.


Week 1: If you’re not watching football, watch “football.”

The hardest part of any boycott is getting started. Ease the transition by streaming a TV show about football. “Friday Night Lights” is obligatory view, but I likewise recommend two fascinating documentary TV succession, “Friday Night Tykes” and “Last Chance U.”

Week 2: Use your Sundays to try out a new programme.

You know what’s boring? Grocery shopping. You know what’s slightly better? Grocery shopping while everyone else is home watching football. Boycott perks!

Week 3: Get adolescents moving with Fuel Up to Play 60.

FUTP 60 is a partnership between the NFL and the National Dairy Council in collaboration with the USDA to encourage school-based physical pleasure and structured play along with matched dinners. You don’t have to be an NFL player to help out. See what class are participating in your zip code, and reflect bequeathing athletics rig or furnishes or volunteering your time.

Torrey Smith shares breakfast with students as part of a FUTP 60 initiative. Photo by Leigh Vogel/ Getty Images for Got Milk?

Week 4: Fantasy football is awesome, but have you tried fantasy Congress?

Yeah, it exists. And the ventures have never been higher. I’ve got Sen. Jeff Merkley( D-Oregon ) in the first round!


Week 5: You may know the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Banner, ” but do you know the narrative behind it?

Particularly its oft-forgotten added poems. Or why we play it before boasting contests? Take some time this week to brush up on this interesting section of American history.

A U.S. signal with 15 stripes and 15 suns, like the one that was run Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, enclose the Battle Monument in Baltimore. The anthem’s poetics “re coming out” “Defence of Fort M’Henry, ” a lyric written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key after he watched the onslaught of Fort McHenry by British carries in the crusade. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/ Getty Images.

Week 6: The NFL hasn’t cornered the market on cancer awareness. Do your role.

At the suggestion of NFL defensive lineman Devon Still, whose daughter campaigned stagecoach 4 neuroblastoma, the NFL will move away from its conventional October “pink out” for breast cancer to instead raise money and awareness for multiple the different types of cancer. It’s doubtful how much money they’ll actually conjure, but you can follow their conduct and volunteer or give to a research or cancer patient corroborate attempt in your community.

Week 7: We’re halfway through October. Get yourself to a pumpkin patch ASAP!

In the words of the greatest writer of our time, “It’s decorative gourd season , motherfuckers.” Get yourself some gourds, a pumpkin, and maybe even some apples. Yeah, you should definitely get some apples.

Week 8: You know which team abides undefeated? Unit Books.

Looking for a journal that celebrates athleticism and the competitive spirit? Check out “The Boys in the Barge: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics” by Daniel James Brown.


Week 9: Is now a good time to talk about the angry elephant in the apartment so worried about sharing his affections or looming vulnerable?

Why am I sharing this link to a primer on toxic masculinity in a legend about the NFL? No conclude. Just thought you might enjoy it. Moving on.

Week 10: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Stop guessing — it was a plane.

Ever wonder why the Blue Angels and other arranged military plane flyovers are “a thing” at football games? I don’t want to give it apart, but the answer verses with schmilitary schmercruitment. But if you’re strange, learn how they punch their marks right on clue.

The Blue Angels play before Super Bowl 50. Photo by Ezra Shaw/ Getty Images.

Week 11: You know what’s just as entertain as an NFL game? Local artwork. Come on, syndicate, I’m serious.

In many cases, there are free or low-cost alternatives more, particularly at schools. Bonus objects if you attend a register on a Sunday afternoon. If you think it would be tough to compete with the drama and fascination of an NFL game, clearly you haven’t visualized their home communities theater production processes “Phantom of the Opera.”

Week 12: You know what’s better than Thanksgiving football? Thanksgiving menus impelled with beloved/ additional butter.

Strengthen your protections against Thanksgiving football by busying yourself in the kitchen with a brand-new recipe. Reading how to make a dynamite sweet potato pie is its own reinforce. No touchdown dance expected.

Photo by Albert Sun/ Flickr.

Week 13: Brush up on your NFL history, which in a good deal of ways is TV record.

In fact, there’s one moment in particular parties still talk about virtually 50 years later. Nov. 17, 1968, is down in record as “The Heidi Bowl, ” and it may be one of the biggest TV programming bungles of all time. The short-lived form: Don’t start a Tv movie when there are 65 seconds left in a football game.


Week 14: Get outside and play video games. Your insides will thank you, and your couch needs a flout.

The fresh air will do wonders for your body and judgment, especially when it’s below 60 magnitudes outside.( And since it’s December, stranges are, it is .)

Week 15: If the best part of the game for you is knocking back cold ones, have you tried brewing your own beer hitherto?

Admit it, you’ve “ve thought about it” once or twice. How hard can it be, right? Well, actually, it’s various kinds of complicated. But it’s nothing you can’t hold.

Week 16: When guests meet for the holidays, try board game instead of the big game.

Miss the competitor and high theatre of the gridiron? Look no further than a fast-paced sport of Uno. Or for the real participates among us: Taboo. Game nights “re all the” enjoyable and gumption of football but with slightly fewer impacts.

Week 17: You procreated it to the last week of the regular season. Celebrate by learning the dance to Beyonce’s “Love on Top.”

You’ll be the reach of the New Year’s Eve party or, at the very least, your family room.


Wild card round: Midterm referendums are exactly 10 months “. Are “youre ready”?

It’s playoff time, and things are getting serious. You know what else is serious? Democracy, y’all. Induce sure your voter registration is current, and start training yourself with your legislators and those running against them. Where do they stand on the issues important to you? Unlike football, republic is no longer an witnes athletic, so get in there and get involved.

People extradite their voter registration kinds. Photo by Joe Raedle/ Getty Images.

Divisional round: For all the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. granted for us, give him the whole weekend.

After all, his daylight is a “day on, ” not a day off. Glance around their own communities for voluntary opportunities and parish occasions to celebrate King’s life and work.

Conference championships: The Winter Olympics start in less than three weeks. Are you ready?

As the age-old carol disappears, “Ain’t no party like a Winter Olympics party, cuz a Winter Olympics party has guns on skis.”

Photo by Harry How/ Getty Images.

Pro Bowl: The better NFL actors not playing in the Super Bowl is currently in Orlando for video games. But do you know what’s better? Somewhat much anything.

The NFL maintains trying to stir the Pro Bowl “a thing, ” but it’s often a lackluster game. Bounce it and disappear interpret “Proud Mary” with Taraji P. Henson. The participates would probably instead be there too.


The Super Bowl: It’s a major event for any municipality, but deem who it leaves out.

The Super Bowl will be in Minneapolis this year, where the average high temperature in February is 23.7 magnitudes. While the game will be indoors, beings knowing homelessness in the Twin Cities is very likely to be displaced to make way for occurrences and galas for the big game.( Yeah, its happened before .) It’s ever a good time to support sanctuaries and service organizations helping people in need.

Photo by Frederic J. Brown/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Football has been a part of my routine for so long, I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold out all season.

But I’m “re going to try” .

Football is so many things to this country — it’s legend, it’s category, it’s community-building, it’s an fiscal locomotive. Discontinuing video games cold turkey will be really difficult. But as the months from February to July remind us, there’s life outside of football season, and it’s pretty great very.

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