5 things for September 14: Irma, DACA, Clinton, Susan Rice, school fire

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It wasn’t strong gales or floodwaters that killed people at a Florida nursing home — it was the lack of power. Eight inhabitants at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills lived after Hurricane Irma knocked out electricity. The hub didn’t have air conditioning for three days, leaving the staff scrambling to keep occupants hydrated and is fine with fans and portable aura cells. Several nation business have started investigations, and Florida’s governor questioned an emergency postponement to keep the nursing home from acknowledging brand-new patients.

Irma’s eye ripped through this island

Schumer, Pelosi, Trump ‘agree’ to defines DACA

Clinton: No absolution to those who didn’t vote

Rice told reviewers why she uncovered Trump officials

23 killed in Malaysia school fire

Cruz: ‘it was not me’ who ‘liked’ unwarranted tweet

Hunky hurricane heroes start viral

Sep 13, 2017 at 6:39 am PDT

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