20 Life-Hacking Products You’ll Regret Not Buying Sooner

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With tech products, you usually get what you paid under. Investing $40 for a “brand-new” laptop is typically get you a piece of folded cardboard with “Twiteer” decorated on it. But every once in a while, a truly huge agreement was coming that outshines its cost by tenfold. Here are some of our favorite contraptions which do wonders and come at an amazingly low price.

USB LED Clock Fan

When you need to know what time it is but can’t collection the strength to get your phone from time over there , you’ll be glad that Past-You had already plugged in one of these USB LED Clock Fans. You’ll get a refrigerate breath while you boast to your best friend that you do indeed retain how analog clocks run. Get it now for $10.99.

ARMOR-X One-Lock Air Vent Car Mount

Playing with your phone while driving is a surefire behavior to end up as route street prowes, more parties persevere on doing it constantly. If your imminent demise isn’t enough motivation to stop texting while behind the wheel, then maybe consider that we’re all approximate you. Hard. Nonetheless, if you use Google Maps a entire bunch, or you only want to DJ your own select set when stuck in congestion, then be safe and grab an ARMOR-X One-Lock Air Vent Car Mount for $12.99.

Universal Three-In-One Lens Kit For Smartphones And Tablets

As any photography supporter or optometrist will tell you, the more lenses you have, the better. Deeply exaggerate the holes of your biography themes and squeeze out every ounce of sublime foliage from your terrain kills with a Universal Three-in-One Lens Kit for Smartphones and Tablets for $11.99.

Just Mobile AluCable Duo For iOS And Android Devices

Sure, a household that’s split across government texts is tough to keep together, but a household that needs more than one kind of smartphone charging cable “re on the brink” of fold. Thankfully, the bipartisan AluCable Duo subsidizes both Android and iOS. It’s enormous for helping you make it through some speechless, indignant dinners and shared auto journeys, and it merely expenses $17.95.

Earhoox 2.0 For Apple EarPods And AirPods Two-Pack

Owning Apple makes has become an internationally recognized status badge, but it’s difficult to project your richnes when your $160 earbuds come out thanks to the slightest sail or heavy bass way. Fortunately, these Earhoox 2.0 for Apple EarPods and AirPods keep them in place, and will only adjust your deep pockets back $14.99.

IllumiSink Light-Up Faucet Attachment

There’s something nearly transcendentally disgusting about rising in the middle of the darknes for some ocean, spouting a glass, and then coming a mouthful of slightly-hotter-than-lukewarm ground juice. We’d even go as far as saying that it’s extremely egregious .

Thankfully, this IllumiSink Light-Up Faucet Attachment thwarts you from that and all manner of scalding irrigate cataclysm. Plus, you can fool your friends into thinking you suck neon-green liquid like you’re certain kinds of Batman villain, and that’s pretty cool extremely. Pick it up for precisely $10.99.

BK SPORT Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones

If there’s one thing that’s going to stimulant a mid-workout meltdown, it’s your headphones tangling with your values as you lift. Add in a little bit too much nitrous in your pre-workout booze, and you are able to find yourself sprawled on the storey, hollering in the middle of your gym. BK SPORT Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones are super durable and tangle-proof, so you’ll never make a scene by the squat rack again. Get ’em for $16.99.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

How many more phones have to die for your morning number of singing in the shower? How numerous, you monster ? Well , none if you have a music actor that won’t terminate where reference is ways sea. This Bluetooth Shower Speaker is totally water-resistant, and persists to your shower wall with an cast-iron clutch. Get it here for $9.99.

Orbiter Magnetic Fidget Toy

Fidget spinners, or the spinning frets( as no one more announces it, but they will ), have become the go-to highway to break bread with millennials. Regrettably, they can sometimes be a bit boisterou for the conference room. This Orbiter Magnetic Fidget Toy is absolutely speechless, and acces easier to fit in your khakis. It’s available in our store for $16.99.

The Anchor: The Original Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount

Everyone knows that there’s a direct correlation between having a duo of headphones that are so immense that they have their own gravitational gather and being a better amateur music farmer. Once you get yourself a duet of honkin’ cans, you’ll necessity a arrange to set them. To keep them off the counter and out of the clutter, pick up an Anchor Under-Desk Headphone Mount for $9.99.

Nut Mini Tracker

Misplacing your phone can be annoying, but you can always just have a friend call it to speed up the search and rescue endeavour. On the flip side, misplacing your keys or billfold sends you furiously mining through couch cushions and laundry accumulations like some sort of deranged mole party. But now there’s a highway to readily find your purse, keys, luggage, or whatever else you are able to forget on the reg. The Nut Mini Tracker stipulates a homing beacon for anything you attach it to, for time $14.99.

NomadPlus Smartphone Wall Charger And Battery Pack

Wouldn’t it be nice if that little AC adapter block that comes with your telephone did more than take up treasured store gap? The NomadPlus Wall Charger frames the factory made adapter obstruction to reproach by turning into a handy portable artillery jam-pack, representing you’ll have power to spare even if there’s no wall in sight. Grab one here for $18.99.

Ghost Indoor HDTV Antenna

The rise of streaming has provided tons of new headaches, from troubleshooting system connections to remembering the email address associated with the chronicle you “borrowed” from a sidekick. The Ghost Indoor HDTV Antenna tells you go back to a time when you could just watch whatever’s on, but in glorious HD. Get it for $15.99.

Neutron C Magnetic Car Mount

If you’re going to buy a phone mount for your automobile, you are able to as well get one that controls the stunning strength of magnets. The Neutron C Car Mount takes up a minimum amount of gap on your sprint and braces your device up like a magnet to a fridge. Don’t worry about frying your telephone, though, because it also expends magnetic shielding (!) to keep your design safe. We are truly in the future. Pick it up for $16.99.

Steel Man MicroUSB Charging Cables

These MicroUSB Charging Cables are for people who can’t hold a tenuous charger and want to make sure everyone knows it. They’re wrapped in TPE to withstand wear and tear, and bear an miraculous affinity to a certain Robert Downey Jr. reference. Get one for $9.99.

Exocharge Three-Port USB Car Charger

When you think about it, your auto is just a big gas generator strapped to some rotations and fanny cushions. You can exploit the power of petrol and forwards impetu to influence a telephone( or three) with an Exocharge Three-Port USB Car Charger. Time to travel everlasting in Valhalla, glossy, chrome, and with a full artillery. It’s available in our place for a measly $14.99.

Hand Stylus

Making vulgar selects on an iPad is obviously a good time, but having to use your pudgy, ketchup-stained paws meets for quite a mess. With this retractable Hand Stylus, they are able to scribble all the petroleum doodles you miss with the precision and vogue of a calligraphy captain, or a really practiced fifth-grader. It’s precisely $14.95.

Self-Stirring Camera Lens Mug

When they aren’t having gorgeous mannequins pose for them or making consider in an active war zone, photographers love to kick back with a fresh bowl of chocolate. What better course to celebrate your camera cuts and your need to always be on the ready than with a hurtle pot that’s shaped like a DSLR lens? It provokes your chocolate for you, and it’s simply $12.99.

IllumiBowl 2.0

Unless you are a dog distinguishing your territory, going in dazzle for a midnight pee-pee isn’t smart-alecky.( And even then, you might want to smell around first .) As a civilized adult human, your bathroom might have light-headeds, but flub for that permutation in the midst of a midnight stupor is bound to leave you tripping over a bathmat at least once. Thanks to the powers of intense neon, though, you will no longer be lost in the poop vault. The IllumiBowl 2.0 is motion-activated and alters your toilet into a brightening throne, for $12.99.

MOS Cable Organizer

If you love to fetishize those impossibly pristine workspaces that you attend on Instagram and in hipster furnish photography, the MOS magnetic cable organizer will help boost its term of office to their stage. It obstructs your MacBook cable on-hand, and is likely to be be used to pick up spare change from within your couch extremely. Get one for $11.99.

Any Clever Yoshis able to oblige our nightly binge of RuPaul’s Drag Race only that much simpler are alright in our record. We Salute you, good sirs .

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