We’re driving to an electric future, but how do we keep the kettle on? – BBC News

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Electric vehicles are now a reality, but evaporating a boiler at the same time as blaming your automobile are not able to be, according to revelations published by the National Grid.

In July, the government announced that all sales of brand-new petrol and diesel gondolas in the UK will cease by 2040. Volvo, meanwhile, has said all vehicles it propels from 2019 will have an electric engine.

The National Grid predicts that by 2050, there could be up to 26 million electric vehicles on the road in the UK.

They’ll all involve blaming regularly if we’re to stay on the move, so how might our dwellings, superhighways and forecourts adapt to this exhaust-free future?

Do we have enough electricity?

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The short answer from the National Grid is yes.

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