Walmart Apologizes For ‘Own The School Year Like A Hero’ Sign Over Gun Display Case!

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Walmart: a plaza to get all your back-to-school patronize done … if you’re the protagonist of a post-apocalyptic YA novel.

The retail giant is under barrage after someone clicked a photo of a artillery display in one of its supermarkets underneath a signal that speaks, “Own the school year like a hero.”

Since the photo travelled viral this week, the enterprise has been clambering to find out which of its collects put up the mansion that many are announcing offensive.

Photo: Walmart’s Website Described Product As ‘N-Word Brown’

After investigating the issues, Walmart reports that the clue seems to have been taken from a separate collect safarus — one unrelated to firearms — and that corporate is trying to find out if construction workers or buyer is a matter of building the switch.

Online reaction has been heated, needless to reply, with numerous responders referencing academy shootings and Besty DeVos’ prophesied grizzly bear strikes:

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