Mannequins Rearranged To Look Like Nazis In North Carolina Department Store

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Whether it was a tasteless joke or an frightening word — something’s wrong here.

Several dummies at a North Carolina department store were apparently rearranged to look like they were reaching Nazi honours — and many buyers strolled right by “like its” NBD.

Just a daytime after a white-hot nationalistic rally breaks out into fatal violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, a customer spotted an extraordinary visual while shopping at the Belk at Cary Towne Center.

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The shopper, who requested not to be identified, shared a photo of at least three mannequins with outstretched limbs on Facebook late Sunday afternoon.

The outraged patron wrote in the announce:

“How countless beings moved by this and didn’t observation, oblivious, or participated it and did nothing? Awestruck, I watched about twenty before I couldn’t take it. It’s about activity, and when it is necessary to combating racism and difference , no achievement of protecting compassion and equality is small-scale. You better believe I’m not giving this or any other grotesque accomplishment of hate creep in or stand.”

The customer said she contacted the store’s corporate agencies over the display.

A spokesperson for the store said the company is taking the matter “seriously” and launching an investigation in hopes of identifying a culprit.

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