Extremely rare Atari 2700 discovered at thrift store

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A Redditor who goes by the username L064N just reminded the world why thrift shopping can be a little like treasure hunting with the recent invention of a extremely rare Atari prototype.

The Atari 2700, also known as the Atari Remote Control VCS, was never put into full yield despite a plan to liberate the sit in 1981. The number of Atari 2700‘s that exist today is debatable, but former Atari employee Dan Kramersays that perhaps only a dozen wereever made.

Screengrab via Marcox Sapphire Dihpsa/ Youtube

The redditor detected the classic plan at an Oceanside, California, thrift shop times before the collect closed and decided to buy it because.” It seemed strange to me as I’d ever seen an Atari like it. Some immediate googling resulted me to believe it was some cool uncommon example so I bought it ,” L064Nsaid on Reddit.

The purchase was uttered for a measly $30, and L064N took to Reddit afterwards toask fellow Redditorshow much it might be worth. People immediately inaugurated interrogating whether an original 2700 had actually been acquired, or if L064N had just poached an portrait from another site.Proof, submitted by L064N in the form of a photo, speedily made it clear this is the real batch. After putting it upon eBay, L0 64 N exchanged the consolefor an affecting $3,000, even without the wireless controllers.

Screengrab via Marcox Sapphire Dihpsa/ Youtube

Those wireless controllers are actually the reason that so few Atari 2700′ s were impelled. In an interview with Kotaku , John Hardie, the director of the National Video Game Museum, responded ” those controllers are particularly the most important reason the system was never released. They were radio restrained, and the range of the controllers was said to be about 1,000 ft. which means you could easily feign your neighbors method with your joysticks .”

Screengrab via Marcox Sapphire Dihpsa/ Youtube

The system L0 64 N sold did have ports for 2600 wired controllers, which weresold along with the organizations of the system. Hardie believes that the number of members of Atari 2700′ s out there may be higher than a dozen, but no matter what, they’re in short supply.

So browse your neighbourhood thrift shops, people. “Theres” wealth out there.

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